Experience the Impossible
Magic and Mysteries of the Mind
by Andy Hofer
Experience the Impossible
I have long been fascinated by certain strange properties of the human mind. Some of these abilities, such as photographic memory and lightning calculations, have been well documented by science. Other reported abilities, including Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Precognition and Telekinesis, fall in the realm of "psychic" or paranormal phenomena.

I had always been a skeptic about these sorts of reports, but I do know that the mind can be trained to capabilities beyond what many people think is possible for themselves. A powerful memory and calculation abilities can be developed with the right training, and even so called "psychic" abilities may also be more common than most people realize. I have been lucky enough to find teachers who have shown me that some of these capabilities are available to ordinary people, and I enjoy demonstrating them to audiences.

Because of the nature of these demonstrations, performances are aimed towards adults and young people of at least 12 years of age.
Performances are available for small private parties or large events, with anywhere from 8 to 200 people or more. Audience members will leave convinced that they have witnessed mindreading, predictions of the future, and telekinesis.

The entire act involves continuous audience participation, and many spectators will be given the impression that they may have the ability to send and receive thoughts or make impossible predictions themselves. All audience interaction is aimed to elicit their help in "making the magic happen" and volunteers will receive the applause of their colleagues when they are successful -- which they will be -- in demonstrations of magic, ESP and other mental phenomena.

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